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Mastering Positive Body Language for a Successful Interview Experience!

Body language during an interview is extremely essential in determining whether or not you will advance in your profession. The saying ‘what you do is more important than what you say’ is especially true in job interviews. The manner in which you present yourself has a big impact on your interviewer.

Everything is judged, from your dress to your hairstyle, accessories, and whatever else you may be carrying! Different individuals perceive you differently from the time you walk through the company’s front door.

Here are some helpful hints to guarantee you have flawless body language and make a positive impression.

Tips to Improve Your Body Language During Interview

Eye Contact

During the interview, your body language should include making eye contact with the other individual. Making and sustaining eye contact is one of the most important components of your body language during job interviews. It not only demonstrates that you are paying attention to your interviewer, but it also says that you are engaged with the situation.

That doesn’t imply you should keep staring at your interviewer in vain. However, you may try to maintain eye contact for a few seconds at a time. If you must address more than one interviewer at the same time, address the person who asked the question first, but make eye contact with all of them.

Sit up straight

Sitting up properly in your chair sends an obvious message of confidence and dependability. It is not suggested to lean forward or backward, as this reflects a very relaxed and “not-really-bothered” attitude.

If you can’t sit up straight, try lifting yourself up from the head. During the interview, your body language should be to push down on your shoulders and maintain a solid balance of your upper body while seated.

Maintain an upright, straight posture from the minute you enter the reception area. When asked a question, lean forward slightly to demonstrate your interest and engagement.

Hand gestures

Job interview body language involves using your hands in subtle motions. Touching your fingertips, clasping your palms, and wiggling your fingers as you speak are all signals of honesty and openness. You might also try placing one hand in your lap at a time.

Clenching your fists and flailing your hands while speaking indicates that you are tense and unpredictable. Biting your nails during an interview is a no-no since it makes you appear uncomfortable and distracting.

bodylanguage 1 Body Language

Avoid touching your face

Candidates who constantly touch their faces are regarded as dishonest and untrustworthy. Touching the face, such as toying with one’s hair or stroking one’s nose, is not considered appropriate body language.

Similarly, massaging your head or neck gives the impression that you are bored or uninterested to the other person. Crossed arms and legs make you appear distant and defensive. Instead, maintain your shoulders relaxed and face the interviewer to demonstrate your participation in the interview.


Improve your body language during interviews and smile whenever possible to create a positive atmosphere in and around the interview room. Smiling once at a time also demonstrates that you are at ease with the interview’s flow. Maintain a balanced smile that is neither too timid to appear shy nor too exaggerated to appear foolish.

It is plainly stated that you should listen carefully and avoid interrupting the interviewer. If at all possible, laugh when the interviewer does while expressing something amusing or unusual. That means you’re all ears and paying attention to what’s being said.

Stay at one spot

Specifically, from your fingertip movements to your legs, attempt to stay in one place. Otherwise, if you continue to fidget, it may be interpreted as you becoming bored or impatient with the interview process. This manner, not only will your posture be correct, but your emphasis will be solely on the interviewer. It will make you appear more focused and interested in the session.

Mirror image

Last but not least, be a carbon copy of your interviewer. Doing as the other person does is one of the top job interview body language recommendations. That doesn’t mean you should try to copy your HR manager and have the whole thing fail.

Match their favorable body language to rapidly win over the interviewer’s approval. However, proceed with caution so that you are not too aggressive or showy that you are attempting to “copy” them. Nod if they nod, or change your stance subtly to convey a same body language.

The most crucial thing is to have a respectful and professional demeanor toward the interviewer. Show dignity to the other person from the first hello handshake through the gracious goodbye to gain brownie points.

Quick pointers:

  • Sit straight and tight in your chair
  • Have and maintain passive eye contact
  • Occasionally use hand gestures to express yourself
  • Improvise on your posture – no slouching
  • Nod your head as you’re listening

Follow the above simple yet effective job interview tips to have that perfect job you’ve always dreamt of!

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